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Team Bios

Carissa Bochenski Account Manager

I joined BCI Australia in 2007 and initially started off as a Client Liaison Consultant which was primarily focused on customer service. Since then, my role has evolved with the company… In 2012, I progressed into an Account Manager role looking after our QLD clients and I am now responsible for managing over 200 companies. In my role, I help them achieve their business goals through using our products & services as well as identifying new business opportunities.

My role at BCI is interesting and at the same time challenging – no two days are the same. I have the opportunity to meet with clients from different industries and learn about their business. Over the past 10 years I’ve been able to build & maintain strong relationships with my clients which is one of the keys to success in this role.

BCI is a great company to work for and provides incentives for employees such as Birthday leave, Anniversary leave & free fruit in the office once a week. Since I’ve been with the company for several years, I have also developed friendships with many of my colleagues. These friendships help keep the working environment fun & enjoyable.

My advice for someone starting at BCI is to take full advantage of the induction process. Ask your managers & colleagues as many questions as you need to learn more about your role.

Kok Sook Leng Business Development Manager

The job at BCI came without me actively looking. The then-HR looked up my profile in Job street and asked me to come in for an interview and the rest, I would say, is history. The ups and downs I have gone through in BCI Asia have played a huge part in what made me who I am today.

I am blessed to have superiors who sincerely care about me and I am thankful for all the countless opportunities given within the business. I think this is what makes BCI different from other companies. I love the family-like culture, and the work-life balance we practice here.

My team motivates me to work at my best every day and learn new things on a constant basis. I also learn so from my clients, be it about their industry or the nature of their business. We deal with a diverse range of businesses and personalities and that definitely keeps my job interesting. My best experience working with BCI so far is becoming the MC for our annual Top 10 event and co-coordinating it with my peers across South-East Asia. Even though the whole process was exhausting, we had so much fun and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. And that, definitely strengthened our camaraderie.

Maria Tan Research Quality Consultant

I have been with BCI Asia for more than two years and it has been such a great journey. As a person who has always been passionate about progress, the move to take the role as quality consultant was a natural fit. My main role as a research quality consultant is to initiate and execute a continuous improvement in regards to research quality practices for our Indonesia team.

My work is founded on a rigorous understanding of our clients’ values, interests, and expectations, along with understanding of our researchers’ potentials and possible challenges. I love how teamwork is greatly valued in BCI Asia and everybody matters regardless of their titles. It just really shows how inclusive BCI work environment is.

BCI Asia has consistently shown its commitment to spread its positive impacts to lives within and outside the organization, and it has inspired me to give my best each day.

Frederik Bundesen Intern

"When one door closes, another door opens" - It may sound like a cliché but this is how I ended up joining BCI.

In 2015, I had just left a young start-up and was living and traveling in Australia as an exchange student from Denmark. The start-up was focusing on the surfing community by creating a global online sharing platform inspired by Airbnb. Just before leaving the company I met a young talented surfer to tell him about the idea.

Little did I know that this young surfer was going to connect me to his father Dr. Matthias Krups, CEO of BCI. After an interesting conversation with Matthias about BCI and my experience and educational background, Matthias invited me to join BCI as an intern while finishing my studies.

My role at BCI involves project management of a new online platform and is both very exciting and challenging. I have my own project, which gives me a lot of responsibility but at the same time flexibility in my work. The project was initially a combination of my Master thesis and a hands-on project at BCI and during the project I have experienced caring support and encouragement from the team here.

I have had the opportunity to travel to Singapore to meet local clients from the industry, facilitate workshops and study the differences in culture and businesses. Due to the fact that BCI is an international company with offices over Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, there are plenty of opportunities to travel and meet different stakeholders in the industry. I think this is one of the aspect that really differentiates BCI from other companies and what makes it fascinating to work at BCI.

I can only say that my experience with BCI has so far been incredibly positive and stimulating and I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to come all the way from Denmark to join this constantly forward moving and innovative organisation.

My advice for someone starting at BCI is not to hold back. Put yourself out there and stay curious about new ideas and incentives and do not hesitate to reach out to all the colleagues you will meet at BCI, especially if you are new to the industry.

I joined the HR team at BCI Australia in 2015. This was my first corporate job in Australia. My previous experience in Spain and my studies in Finance and Human Resources, helped me find the perfect balance in supporting the HR team and payroll across Australia and New Zealand.

This role gives me the opportunity to work with different stakeholders at all levels throughout the organisation. This is one of the reasons why I like my job; it is very fulfilling being able to help different departments across the group and enhance relationships with employees.
I had the opportunity to work on various projects with the team, which helped me to continue developing my skills and help the company offer the best service to our team.

In these two years at BCI, I have also developed strong friendship with many of my colleagues. It helps to make the corporate environment feel more like a family.

BCI has also a great work/life balance; Birthday leave and Charity day are some my favourite employee benefits. It is very nice to know that your employer cares about giving back to others.

Kieran Tan Business Development Executive

I started off working for BCI in 2016, coming from New Zealand with a fresh degree and a couch for a bed. As this job required sales experience, the recruiter called me 20 minutes before my interview to remind me to talk about my sales experience. He must have gotten me mixed up because I had none!

Nonetheless, the interview went well and I was offered a role based on my curiosity and willingness to learn. In my role as a Business Development Executive I am part of what we internally refer to as the Subcontractor team, I identify and speak to companies (mainly Subcontractors) that could benefit from BCI. Being a graduate with limited corporate experience, I did not know how this role would go for me. However, with the undying support and mentorship of my team members and leaders, I was able to develop myself professionally and grow into a role that was made for me.

In this role, I have experienced my fair share of hard work, which translates itself into a strong feeling of success, and sometimes celebration. Despite everything, I have found maintaining a good attitude through thick and thin has been the key to consistent success.

What I love about working at BCI is that I am given the independence to manage myself and perform, while having the necessary environment and support to succeed and grow. My experiences here have shaped me today and will continue to define me moving forward.

My advice to any starting a BCI would be to never stop trying or learning, you will get there, no matter where you started from it will get easier.

Ashleigh Porter Co-Chief Operating Officer - Australia & New Zealand

Since starting at BCI Group in 2008, Ashleigh has gained a wealth of experience in both the architectural and construction industries, having worked in roles as diverse as Information Researcher, Sales Manager and Learning & Development Manager. Ashleigh joined Architectural Information Services (AIS) in 2014 following the acquisition of AIS by BCI Media Group. Working as a liaison between AIS and BCI Media Group, Ashleigh was instrumental in the integration of the two businesses and in July 2016 was appointed General Manager of AIS, taking responsibility of all business operations across Australia and launching the business into the New Zealand market. Ashleigh joined the Executive Board of BCI in 2019 when she was promoted to Co-COO of BCI Media Group. Ashleigh holds a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication from the University of Wollongong.

Paul Reid Co-Chief Operating Officer - Australia & New Zealand

I started working at BCI in late 2011 as a Business Development Manager in the Melbourne office. In this role, I worked with Sales Managers & Business Leaders selling products and services into construction projects. Our sales approach at BCI is to identify gaps in a company’s market intelligence or uncover sales process inefficiencies that we can solve by introducing them to BCI’s project leads and suite of other services.

A little over 5 years later, I have transitioned from being a member of our Sales Team & into Sales Management. I currently lead the VIC & NSW Sales Teams, working between our Melbourne & Sydney offices. I also routinely travel to Brisbane, Perth & Auckland.

Whilst BCI continues to grow – we now have over 550 employees & 23 offices across Australia, New Zealand & SE Asia – we still manage to retain the best aspects of a much smaller company: close working relationships between Management and frontline staff, agile thinking and buy-in to our mission, vision and values at every level. And, although our teams are always pushing hard to sign that next client, we also find time to enjoy ourselves at BCI; I have made some great friends in my time here.

In summary, my advice for anyone thinking about working at BCI in a Sales role is: if you’ve got the drive to do well, BCI will provide the environment you need to succeed and you’ll get very well rewarded when you do!