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BCI TenderManager: Subbies

TenderManager for Subcontractors is an online tendering and project leads platform that connects subcontractors to active builders working on projects requiring their trade. Designed to suit the needs of subcontractors, we cater for businesses that are proactively looking for new work as well as those who simply want to keep their business on the map while they’re busy working.



Project Leads

New Opportunities
BCI Australia is the largest project leads service in the southern hemisphere and has been helping Subcontractors find new jobs for almost two decades. Our experienced research team are able to identify projects and new contracts during concept and design phases which enables BCI to identify privately negotiated projects, design and construct along with private and government tenders. Through BCI’s intuitive project tracking you are able to search for your specific trades and place email reminders on projects of interest called BCI Notifier, these include:

  • Trade alerts
  • Progress alerts
  • New Tenderer alerts
  • Awarded Contractor alerts

Get the Real Picture
BCI Notifier ensure you are informed of all Contractors competing on a real opportunity not just BCI’s members. Unlike other tendering platforms BCI’s independent research ensure you have access to all competing Contractor details who have registers interest on the project, not just our current members. This gives you an unbiased overview and increases your chances of being successfully awarded on the bid. BCI can provide you with Company and Contact details including; Lead estimator’s name, email and phone numbers. With BCI Australia you will find projects from before your competition does!

Expressions of Interest

EOIs made simple

BCI has created a game changer when it comes to registering your expression of interest to multiple contractors going for the bid. Send personalised cover letters and attachments through to existing or new contractors to your network highlighting your capabilities and skill set for their future projects. BCI’s Expressions of Interest allow you to quick and easily send-off your company’s profile and capability statements to listed Builders actually involved on the bid. This allows you more time to work on preparing the very best quotation to be awarded your next project, over your rushed competitors. Centralise your tendering processes with multiple opportunities at once to increase your chances of securing future projects. Become a trusted BCI member and receive invites to quote directly through BCI’s network of Builders.

My Profile

TOP of the heap

Use your own Company’s profile to market yourself to BCI’s diverse Client base. With Premium membership your company will receive priority listings for Builders seeking subcontractors within your trade. My Profile also allows you to:

  • List your company’s profile
  • Promote your Top completed projects
  • Select multiple trade capabilities
  • Upload Company logo and personalised cover image
  • Attach letters and files to be reviewed by active Builders

BCI’s Builder network actively seek new subcontractors using our TenderManager, your My Profile enables BCI’s members to add you to their network and actively receive invitations to quote on both commercial in confidence and open tender projects. Using BCI puts streaks ahead of your competition when it comes to being found and invited.

Mobile App

With the BCI Mobile App, your team can now be kept completely up to date as projects progress whilst on the road.

Any Notes you add to Projects/Companies whilst on the road also sync automatically with your full account.

At a trade show or going into a meeting and want to research your new contact?

While your competition goes ‘fishing’ for information during their first call or meeting, BCI’s Mobile App gives you a comprehensive summary of live and recently completed projects your contact has been involved in, allowing you to discuss project-specific solutions from day 1.

Driving past a vacant site and want to know what’s being built?

The ‘Projects Near Me’ function allows Mobile App users to pull up a map detailing all live project sites nearby including Project Scope, Current Stage, Value and Key Contacts involved.