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BCI Appointment Setting

With nearly 20 years industry experience, BCI is perfectly placed to be an extension of any business selling into the construction industry. From startups that lack time and resources to established businesses that want to focus their sales resources on converting rather than prospecting, BCI is the ideal choice to outsource your business-to-business appointment setting.

Our history within this market means we are able to leverage the broader resources of our business to assist organisations to achieve sustained organic growth and increased brand awareness within the construction, architectural and engineering sectors. Our seasoned sales executives will showcase your brand, business and product to the right people, at the right time with the right sales pitch and secure high quality meetings for your sales team.


B2B Appointment Setting

The B2B Appointment Setting Service at BCI offers businesses looking to expand the added capacity they need to fuel their business growth at a comparatively lower cost. For many businesses that have limited resources, the time and labour intensive process of prospecting, qualifying leads, following up is one that is often overlooked or completely missed. As a result, without the resources to fully invest in actively pursuing and selling to prospects, the ability to expand your business can be severely restricted.

For businesses looking to grow, the BCI Appointment Setting service can help boost the capacity of your sales force, while being a less expensive alternative to hiring additional full-time sales staff.

The BCI Appointment Setting service:

  • Caters specifically to businesses selling into the construction industry
  • Offers Sales Executives who all have experience selling to decision makers within the construction industry
  • Offers Sales Executives who are all Australia or New Zealand based
  • Includes a comprehensive database of construction projects and contacts is verified by over 250 researchers
  • Sells using our signature project based sales approach which means we present your product in the context of specific projects, right at the time the decision maker is looking for your product

Specialised Sales

The BCI Appointment Setting service caters exclusively to businesses selling within the construction and architectural market. Our data, our people and our systems are three differentiating components of our service that are all geared specifically towards these markets.

Our core business is to source accurate and reliable construction project information using a Research Team of over 250 qualified researchers who find, aggregate and verify current and upcoming construction projects on a daily basis. This ensures the database of industry decision makers our lead generation uses for each client is highly targeted, relevant and accurate.

Access our team of well-spoken, experienced sales executives, all of whom are based in Australia and New Zealand with construction specific sales experience. Our sales professionals have the ability to discern the key motivators in the decision making process for each group of stakeholders, which means each sales conversation about your product or service will be tailored to suit each prospect, increasing the likelihood of converting a prospect into a solid sales opportunity.

Our proprietary online LeadManager platform contains an unmatched database of construction project information combined with an in-built CRM, giving clients complete, real-time transparency on any sales activities our sales team engages in on their behalf. Equipped with the ability to filter leads according to the criteria of each client’s target audience, our Sales Executives are able to pinpoint and contact prospective decision makers at the exact time they are looking for the clients’ product or service.

Campaign Methodology

Campaigns begin with an initial audit to assess the client’s operational readiness to sell to decision makers in the construction market. This independent systematic review ensures that the business has the marketing, sales and operational structures, resources and skill sets in place to successfully engage with the relevant decision makers once we have opened the doors to your clients.

The objectives of the audit are:

  • To appraise the effectiveness and efficiency of each area of marketing and sales in engaging with the target audience
  • To identify key improvements and patterns of inefficiency
  • To recommend the actions required to allow our sales team to effectively pre-sell to your target audience

Upon completion of the audit, our Sales and Marketing Consultants will be able to provide an accurate assessment of the readiness of your business to approach the key decision makers in the construction industry. Our Consultants will also provide recommendations on key improvements and a range of Sales and Marketing services that can be utilised by our clients to make the improvements.

Once your business has established the fundamental sales, marketing and operational elements necessary to sell into the construction market, we will develop a sales campaign tailored to your business.

The training will involve a comprehensive induction to your business, products and services. This sales induction will ensure our Sales Executives are able to hold conversations that go beyond simply reciting a predetermined script, but rather to have tailored and educated conversations that are adapted to each individual interaction with each individual prospect based on an evaluation of their needs and situation.