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Celebrating 20 Years

2018 marks BCI’s 20-year anniversary in the construction business, bringing together decision-makers and suppliers across the industry. From humble beginnings in 1998 we’ve expanded to cover the entire Asia-Pacific region, and now employ more than 550 staff across 20 offices, reporting on building projects across 13 countries.

We launched e-bulletin – the first online project leads service – in May 2000, and brought you our world-leading construction CRM system LeadManager in June 2002. Since then we have continued to stay at the forefront of media technology, ensuring we bring our customers the most up-to-date information in the most relevant way. As our client, if there is a project your business needs to know about – whether it be private sector or public, at concept stage, tender or construction – you’ll hear about it from us first.

Further cementing our role in connecting the right people at the right time, the BCI Asia Top Ten Awards launched in February 2006. As well as recognising the companies and individuals that are shaping the built environment of tomorrow, these prestigious awards champion innovative design and pioneering social or environmental projects, and the annual gala events provide opportunities to network and collaborate with elite architecture firms, property developers, manufacturers and building services providers.


I’m extremely fortunate to have started working at BCI at the beginning of a very big dream, and to have grown with the company over the years. It’s a dynamic place to work where your skills are appreciated and nurtured, and I still love every day. With BCI looking outwards and upwards, I feel we will remain a relevant and necessary service for those in the building and construction industry. It’s been a wonderful 20 years filled with constant growth, and I look forward to the next 20!
Margaret Drohan, Finance Officer, Australia

I joined BCI Asia in 1999 as a researcher. I loved sourcing information and poured all my passion into the role – so much so, that a client wrote in especially to compliment my project information! Over the last 18 years I’ve seen the Malaysia research team grow from 3 to 24 people, expand into 2 branches and report from 180 projects a month in 1999 to over 2,000 a month today. I know that BCI has a great and prosperous future, and that we will continue to grow from strength to strength.
Kwee Choo, National Research Manager, Malaysia

When I first started at BCI 10 years ago, I was totally new to administration. Under the guidance of my manager, I was able to pick up the role smoothly and continue to develop to move into the HR department, whilst finishing my HR degree. Throughout my 10 years, I’ve seen BCI seize a diverse number of opportunities to become the market leader it is today.
Lee Lin, Senior HR Executive, Hong Kong

BCI is at the forefront of transparency in the construction industry, making it fairer and more efficient.  We may never know which project lead it is that gives someone an opportunity they would not have had otherwise. I can’t begin to grasp the amount I’ve learnt and the multitude of opportunities I’ve been afforded over my 12 years at BCI. To all my colleagues, I hope you’re proud of what you’re helping build for the company and our clients. Happy anniversary, BCI!
–  Michelle Aizenberg, Chief Research Officer, Australia

In my 10 years with BCI Asia, I’ve enjoyed a variety of interesting experiences across our Research department, and now our Events department. After every successful event, it’s so rewarding to find more and more companies in the construction market recognizing BCI. I look forward to experiencing more successes with BCI and contributing to our long-term development.
Ms Loan Nguyen, Event Executive cum CMD & Marketing, Vietnam

BCI Asia is increasingly becoming the main point of reference for construction players, with a portfolio of diverse & valuable resources within the construction industry ranging over both upstream and downstream services. Working at BCI has been a priceless experience, with many unique challenges and opportunities to learn.
Cahyono Siswanto, Assistant Research Manager, Indonesia